Tastefully decorated camp surrounded by birch trees situated on a picturesque twelve acre island in the middle of the Gander River, on and near some of the best salmon pools this famous River has to offer.

The Camp

A comfortable facility with large fully-equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, four bedrooms (two with two single beds, one with Queen size bed, and one with Double bed) and two bathrooms (each with shower),  and many other great features.  Twelve Acre Lodge comfortably sleeps six and is the ideal spot for small corporate entertaining, a family getaway, or a group fishing trip.  Ideally suited for a four to six person fishing trip but often used by six for a relaxing nature/fishing get-away.

How to get there

Take the TCH to Gander, exit on highway 330 (Road to the Shore) and continue driving for another 29 km to Weir’s Pit (take a sharp left and go down an old road to the parking area).  The Guides will meet you at this parking area to pack your gear on a trailer to transport to the river/boat launch.  There is a healthy, easy 10-minute walk for you from the parking area to the boat, or if you prefer you can ride on the trailer with your gear.  The trip up this beautiful River is a wonderful experience in itself.  The ride usually consists of two guests per boat using the renowned Gander River Boats.


There are two experienced, licensed guides who will look after your party during your visit.  Their names are Norm Downer and Larry Bath.  They have their own accommodations on the property, to conveniently ensure your safety and comfort.  The Guides are responsible for all operational aspects of the camp, so if you have any questions or problems during your visit, be sure to consult with the Guides.

How it works! The camp is basically your home away from home.  All the basics are there and you are responsible to bring and cook your own food and beverages.  Occasionally a party may request a cook and all food be provided and, subject to availability, this can be accommodated for a reasonable extra charge.

What do we mean by the basics?  The camp will have spices, jams, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, paper towels, etc., and most other basic items.  You will need to bring the perishables and beverages.  The camp has a deep freeze, 2 mid-size refrigerators, ice machine, CD player (great CD selection), barbecue, large propane stove, wood stove, fireplace, two decks and a screened-in porch.
With regards to communication, cell phones on the Aliant (Bell) system generally have good reception at the camp (no service with Rogers).

Besides your food, you only need your fishing gear, salmon license*, personal effects and suitable clothing.  The camp provides clean sheets, towels, soaps, etc.

Twelve Acre Lodge provides a relaxing holiday setting, with the salmon providing the bonus to this wonderful escape.  Bring your camera!


*Salmon licenses are not available at the camp.  Please ensure that all fishing members of your party obtain a license.  If someone forgets, you can usually pick up a license in Gander Bay before going up River.

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